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ઉદ્દેશફેરફાર કરો

This template indicates that the article needs additional inline citations. This template should be used only for articles where there are some, but insufficient, inline citations. For articles that have no inline citations at all currently, use Template:Unreferenced. There is currently no consensus on where in the article to place this template. Many editors understand this template to be redundant when it is used on articles clearly marked as stubs.

For articles about living persons, the more specific template {{BLP sources}} should be used instead.

For articles containing biomedical information, the more specific template {{Medref}} should be used instead.

Please consider marking individual unreferenced statements with {{સંદર્ભ}} instead of placing this template.

વપરાશફેરફાર કરો

A |talk= parameter is allowed; setting this to any value will result in the message "See talk page for details." being included in the tag.

This template also includes support for using the |date= parameter. Adding this parameter sorts the article into subcategories of Category:Articles needing additional references and out of the parent category, allowing the oldest problems to be identified and dealt with first. A bot will add this parameter if it is omitted. Be careful not to abbreviate the date, because then it will automatically add a redlinked category instead of the correct category. The simplest way to use this parameter manually is {{સંદર્ભ આપો|{{subst:DATE}}}} but it can be done more explicitly as {{સંદર્ભ આપો|date=ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૨૩}} (both result in the same output). Do not use {{સંદર્ભ આપો|date={{subst:DATE}}}}: {{subst:DATE}} includes the leading date=.

Listed below are four examples of usage:

{{સંદર્ભ આપો}}

{{સંદર્ભ આપો|date=ફેબ્રુઆરી ૨૦૨૩}}

{{સંદર્ભ આપો|section}}  (the same as {{Ref improve section}})

{{સંદર્ભ આપો|section|{{subst:DATE}}|talk=y}}

A user warning template, {{Uw-refimprove}}, is available to notify contributors that an article they created needs its referencing improved.

General advantageફેરફાર કરો

ઉદાહરણફેરફાર કરો

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