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Usageફેરફાર કરો

{{જીવનકાળ}}નો ઉપયોગ પાનાંમાં આપોઆપ જન્મ વર્ષ અનેવસાન વર્ષની શ્રેણી ઉમેરવા માટે થાય છે. આનો ઉપયોગ જીવિત વ્યક્તિનાં જન્મ વર્ષ માટે પણ થઈ શકે છે તથા જ્યારે કોઇ વર્ષની જાણ ના હોય ત્યારે પણ વાપરી શકાય છે. The general DEFAULTSORT can be embedded as well.

{{જીવનકાળ|જન્મનું વર્ષ|અવસાનનું વર્ષ|sort key}}

will replace:

{{DEFAULTSORT:sort key}}
[[શ્રેણી:જન્મ જન્મ]]
[[Category:અવસાન મૃત્યુ]]

Other cases are handled with options, see below. As with the original, the embedded magic word DEFAULTSORT also applies to all categories on the page, nomatter whether the lifetime template is before or after them.

This template supports optional substitution. If you want to substitute it, use the following syntax:

{{subst:જીવનકાળ|year of birth|year of death|sort key|subst=subst:}}

Since Categories are preferred to be listed in most-common order, the જીવનકાળ template should generally be placed after the last Category tag, for example:

{{જીવનકાળ|year of birth|year of death|sort key}}

Optionsફેરફાર કરો

For each option, the default value is displayed in bold and automatically assumed if the field is left blank.

Please note that MISSING results in Categories that are not displayed on the page.

1 (birth)
2 (death)
3 (sortkey)
  • {{PAGENAME}} : should usually never be left blank (especially with Asian names, it is hard to make the difference between a missing sortkey and a sortkey identical to the article name due to a family-first name).
  • Asian name, Honorific prefix (qualifier suffix) : for assertion of sortkey assessment.
    "Mao, Zedong" - "Kim, Il-sung" - "Matsuo Bashō|Matsuo, Basho" - "Nu, U" - "Wang, Li (politician)"
  • Family name, Given name, Honorific-prefix (qualifier suffix) : for proper sorting.
    "Newton, Isaac, Sir" - "Karlsson, Ove (sports journalist)"
  • For further details, see Wikipedia:Categorization of people#Ordering names in a category.

Most values are case-insensitive ("LIVING" or "LiVinG" work the same), except when it matters (such as century names).

Examplesફેરફાર કરો

For a living person
{{જીવનકાળ|1899||Surname, Name}}


{{જીવનકાળ|1899|LIVING|Surname, Name}}

will replace:

{{DEFAULTSORT:Surname, Name}}
[[Category:1899 births]]
[[Category:Living people]]
For a missing birth and living person
{{જીવનકાળ|||Surname, Name}}


{{જીવનકાળ|MISSING|LIVING|Surname, Name}}

will replace:

{{DEFAULTSORT:Surname, Name}}
[[Category:Year of birth missing (living people)]]
[[Category:Living people]]
For a dead person
{{જીવનકાળ|1899|1986|Surname, Name}}

will replace:

{{DEFAULTSORT:Surname, Name}}
[[Category:1899 births]]
[[Category:1986 deaths]]

Technicalફેરફાર કરો

Before changing the template's code or text, please bear in mind some points that should be preserved:

  • The template's name and its aliases are in all-caps and feature the suffix -SORT so as to clue in editors that it embeds and replaces DEFAULTSORT. (The original alias "BD" was renamed and is unlisted for the same reason.)
  • The seemingingly useless extra bars in the switch statements are for empty values.
  • Extra whitespace around years doesn't matter, because page titles (category names in this case) are not sensitive to extra spaces. Calls such as {{Lifetime| 1899 |…}} will produce the wikitext [[Category: 1899 births]], but the extra spaces do not change the effect of the link, see Category: 1899 births.
  • Please, do not edit war by replacing DEFAULTSORT, xxxx births, yyyy deaths with this template, or the opposite.

The template provides a local sandbox and testcases for developing and testing changes (see documentation's hatnote).

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