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{{About}} is a commonly used hatnote template on Wikipedia, and should be placed at the top of an article, linking the reader to other articles with similar titles or concepts that they may have been seeking instead. The template has several formats, including:

  • {{About|Use1}}
  • {{About|Use1||Article2}}
  • {{About|Use1||Article2|and|Article3}}
  • {{About|Use1|Use2|Article2}}
  • {{About|Use1|Use2|Article2|and|Article3}}
  • {{About|Use1|Use2|Article2|other uses}}

Alternately, a section=yes parameter can be added to the {{About}} template for use at the top of a section. When using this parameter, the wording in the template changes to specify that it is being used in a section:

  • {{About|Use1|section=yes}}
  • {{About|Use1||Article2|section=yes}}
  • {{About|Use1|Use2|Article2|section=yes}}
  • {{About|Use1|Use2|Article2|and|Article3|section=yes}}
  • {{About|Use1|Use2|Article2|other uses|section=yes}}

A |text= option adds text to the end; note that this should be only used when truly necessary, and the other hatnote templates listed below don't suffice. This template also supports |selfref=.

For more options, find "{{About}}" in the text below.

For reference, see Wikipedia:hatnote and documentation below.

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