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Usageફેરફાર કરો

{{Str right|<string>|<offset>}}

Gives the characters from <offset> to the end of the string.

A negative <offset> is treated the same as zero, which simply returns the original string.

If <offset> is longer than <string> then this returns an empty string.

If <offset> is invalid, empty or undefined, this template goes berserk, so don't do that.

Limitationsફેરફાર કરો

  • Up to 100 chararacters in the input string. If possible, first check length of input string using {{Str len}}. Using strings longer than 100 characters may result in the error "max index is 100 for str_sub".
  • Limited set of characters.
  • Expensive.

Examplesફેરફાર કરો

See alsoફેરફાર કરો

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