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Usageફેરફાર કરો

This template provides a link to a specified entry at Wiktionary, which is a free content dictionary and a Wikimedia sister project. Wiktionary entries include definitions, etymology, and pronunciation, as well as synonyms, antonyms, and related terms.


If no parameter is supplied, it will simply show the template with the name of the page. You can also use:

{{Wiktionary|1st|2nd|...|5th}} (one up to five parameters)

Placementફેરફાર કરો

The template may be placed anywhere, such as the external links section, the top of the article or in the article's etymology section if one exists.

This template should not be used when this link is the only external link in the ==External links== section. See Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects for further recommendations about the best choice of template for various situations.